Enduro Frame

Enduro Frame

Enduro Frame – Innovation in progress

Innovation at your hand: we are testing our brand new Enduro frame – Coming Soon!

Designing an outstanding enduro frame is a challenging task. We have been testing and developing our enduro model for several years and we can see the light at end of the tunnel. Soon you will be able to see test and hopefully own BoarCycles’ innovative enduro frame…

Enduro Frame - Fork

Some awesome features we are integrating into our new enduro frame:

  • Low Centre of Gravity

Low centre of mass ensures smooth ride and maximizes the downhill feeling

  • Stiffness

Stiff DH frames are easy to drive, it is hard to optimize this feature, we know that…

  • Brake independent suspension

You can safely break on rocky and hard ground, it helps to max out the route

  • Drive Efficiency

Effective pedalling and speed up after turns or before jumps, minimized uphill climb struggle

  • Effective suspension

You can just enjoy your ride

  • Easy access to the rear shock

Ensures effortlessly adjusting your gear to the trail

The unique design and the beneficial features make this enduro gear one of the best available in the market.

We are now putting these all into one MTB Enduro bike frame… as we did in our DH Frame: Boar Tusker

BoarCycles Engineering Team 2016.