Air Shock

Air Shock

Air Shock by BoarCycles

“Fine as Coil light as Air”

Every downhill bike has a heart – probably the air shock you use. Boarcycles’ new revolutionary rear air shock smooths out your travel and you will have such journey you have never imagined.

Our brand new innovation blends the positives of coil and air without artifacts. During the design process the goal was to eliminate the negative artifacts of both coil and air while delivering a perfect solution. The whole DH Team loves this rear shock during the test rides.

Boarcycles Engineering Team designed this master peace specifically for freeride and gravity DH lovers. All important features were investigated and tested to create the best solution for Downhill Freeride lovers.

The recently tested rear air shock solution specifically designed to be compatible with all frames – so you can test and apply it with your current bike gear. The synergies we created between our DH frame gear – Boar Tusker frame – and this rear shock are exponentially elevating the DH experience delivered.

Probably you are a coil fan – just give Boarcycles Air Shock a go and you’ll experience a new kind of DH Freeride feeling others can not deliver to you.


Boarcycles Engineering Team 2016-2019.